Are You Online? Is it working for you?

How is your online presence working for you? Do you find that you just aren’t getting traction online or in the door?

We would love to help! Here is how to get found online..

  1. Have a Website.
    1. Have a website and make sure that it is being updated it on a regular basis. This shows Google’s digital formula that you are a business that is current on what is going on and that you are currently open and active in the online community.
      1. This means we could be posting to your blog, updating content, adding/editing photos, or enhancing your pages. Basically any kind of movement; although blogging is one of the easiest because it also can add to your key word search ability.
    2. If your site is not being updated regularly Google’s algorithm will doc points and you will show up lower on searches.
    3. We also need to make sure that your site is user friendly.
      1. To make sure your site is in fact user friendly we could check the bounce rate, page loading speed, and do some basic site layout testing.
    4. We would be happy to help with site updates, blogging for you, or creating a schedule for site updates and when they all need to be taking place so that you can try to manage it.
  2. Make sure your site is optimized.
    1. This means that we need to make sure that we are filling out your Meta titles and descriptions completely with search friendly terms and include your city for local search ability.
    2. We also need to make sure that all of the updates we do to your pages are done for people, not for Google.
      1. We shouldn’t put a key word here just because it makes Google recognize us, because people use searches not Google and we need to make sure that we are there when they are looking for us.
    3. We would be happy to help you discover if you site is fully optimized as well as either working together to make those changes or just taking care of them for you.
  3. Make sure your web content fulfills user needs.
    1. We could help you to update your site to make sure that it is original, relevant, informative, helpful, and interesting.
      1. One of the ways to discover if your site fits those categories would be to do a blind test on some web users that have not used your site before, which we can easily setup a test with some of our contacts.
    2. We would be happy to assist in content updates, or just help you make sure that everything that is there is as relevant as possible with coordinating some testing/reviews.
  4. Have a company Facebook page.
    1. Having a personal and professional Facebook page are not the same thing. It is important to Google that we create a separate company page; have followers, and are regularly using your company Facebook page.
      1. This also shows Google that you are aware of the current social media trends and are an active company and Facebook is a great place to create link backs to your website for traction.
    2. We can help you create a Facebook page and either post to it for you regularly; and/or create a posting schedule to help keep you on track and consistent with your posts.
  5. Use YouTube.
    1. We would love to help you put together an online company YouTube profile and add some videos that also share your message.
      1. Short videos are a great way to get a simple message across to busy people. The best kind of video is to share one that teaches a lesson or gives someone information about something they can immediately use or share.
    2. We also can help to make sure that the content for your videos is easily understood by your potential clients and make it a professional online representation of you.
  6. Get Listed in the search engine sites.
    1. Google recognizes when your website is linked on numerous different sites, it tells them that we are working to get business and are keeping active online.
    2. Google also likes to see hits on your site, so having your website linked in many different locations gives us a higher chance of someone visiting you.
    3. We would like to help you get listed on at least Google Places for Business, Bing Business, Yelp for Business, Yahoo Local, Twitter, YouTube, Yellow Pages, Superpages, LinkedIn Business, and Angie’s List.
  7. Get a Google+ Company Page.
    1. Obviously Google recognizes its listings the highest. So we need to make sure to fill out your Google+ profile completely and we can make sure to take care of the confirmation steps; so that it will display for the public. We would do so by using bullets, adding pictures, and making sure that your key words are all present.
    2. Also by filling out this profile comply it helps to present a seamless image of your company across all of the Google products. Especially Google Maps which is a great tool for people to get directions to your business.
    3. We can create, update, and share this page on your website which is a great way to show someone visiting your site that you are a legitimate, reliable business.
  8. Get Reviews.
    1. Google, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, and Yelp all love reviews.
      1. Not only do the search engines love when you have reviews, but potential clients love it to. They want to know before they call that you are someone they should do business with.
    2. We could help you to get reviews by sending out some professional thank you cards to past and current clients to thank them for working with you and asking them to leave you a review. The best way to send these seems to be digitally as we can have the links to the sites right there and easily accessible.
  9. Make sure all your posts/pages are setup to link to Google.
    1. There are backend links that need to be setup and key word settings that need to be filled out for Google to know where to place you in the searches.
    2. We can easily set this up by logging into the dashboard of your site, adding links, and submitting a sitemap to Google.
  10. Get a Mobile Site.
    1. As you probably already know most of the searches online (over 60%) are now done on a mobile device. If you have a mobile version Google sees you as a company that recognizes this change and that you are current and active.
      1. This is not essential, but is recommended. We should at least make sure your site is mobile friendly.
    2. We can help you to either implement a mobile friendly version of your site or create a full mobile site for the convenience of potential clients.
  11. Consider Google Ads.
    1. Obviously this is if you have the funds available.
    2. When we are first starting out and don’t have any traction on Google yet, it is a good idea to purchase some advertising with them to show up higher in the search engine.
    3. We have some awesome contacts at Google that are able to work up some great deals on plan options, which we would be happy take care of setting up and confirming that it is working to the best of its ability.

There are so many different parts of the online search ability algorithm, but these are at least a few to get you started.


Now you may be asking yourself, why should we go through all this trouble?

Well Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential, because approximately 70% of all search traffic goes to organic results, not paid results. We want to make sure that we are using all the pieces of the search engine optimization puzzle and would love to help you take all these points outlined above and use them to get you the online traction you need to succeed.


We would love to help you hit all of these points, please give me a call if you need some help!


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