Your Yelp Page helps your business:

Be Discoverable: Customers being able to find reviews for you on Yelp gives them confidence in your legitimacy and your professional character. Also being listed on as many pages as possible (with correct information) gives you more online search ability.

Get Connected: Respond to reviews as the business owner, and thank them for their positive feedback or make note of some thing that the customer took issue with. This helps you to better connect with your customers and to understand them better ; which means that you can sell to them far better.

Be Timely: Track your reviews on a regular basis so that you know what your customers like most about your business.

Be Insightful: With the Yelp analytics tool you can measure visitor activity on your page, and watch as your reviews grow.

TIP – Make sure when you create the page that you fill it out fully and submit it with an email and password that you will remember so that you will always have access to this account.

We are happy to help you create, help manage, or put together a report for your company Yelp Page.


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